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Hi, we're Route.

We fully insure and protect your online orders.

Route has redefined the way you shop online by enabling your favorite online stores with the World's first one-click order insurance. For a small fee, customers can now purchase insurance that 100% safeguards against virtually any order issue including; lost, damaged, and even stolen items. Gone are the days of disappointment when your coveted online purchase arrives at your door damaged, or worse yet just never shows up.

Route also provides real-time, point-by-point, tracking notifications regardless of where you order from.

Take control of your online purchases with Route.


Unlike major shipping carriers, Route fully insures your online purchases from end-to-end including loss, damage, and even theft. Route also backs up the online merchant’s terms and refund policies.


No more driving to your shipping store and filling out forms. Adding Route to your online orders is done with one-click. And if you need to file a claim, Route’s technology allows you to file one in a few seconds.


Not only does Route cover more incident types than major shipping carriers, the technology behind Route allows us to offer it 50-95% less as well.

A name you can trust.

In creating a new shipping insurance technology, it would only make sense to partner with the company that literally invented shipping insurance in 1688. Route is underwritten by the world acclaimed Lloyds of London insurance company, a 325 year old $60 billion dollar publicly traded company (LLOY).

What does this mean for you? This means you can rest assured if you select Route when buying from any online store, your purchase is covered by the most credible shipping insurance company in history with over 3 centuries of first class service.

Example of what Route covers:

  • Items that arrive broken
  • Items lost in transit
  • Items stolen off of property after delivery
  • Item not received in the promised timeframe
  • Item not received in the promised condition
  • Ensuring the merchant honors their refund/terms policies
The World is now open for business. Go ahead and shop in safety, we have your back.

The history of world acclaimed Lloyds of London.

Real-time tracking notifications

We take package delivery seriously. So much so, we integrated with over 360 domestic and international shipping carriers allowing you to view step-by-step order tracking and shipping notifications.

  • Notifications - Get automatic updates of delivery status.
  • Track shipments - View the latest delivery statuses of all your shipments in one place.
  • Calculate delivery time - Forecast the actual delivery time of your shipments across multiple online stores.

Forget everything you know about shipping insurance.

Trusted by over 300,000 customers, Route is making the world a safe place to shop.

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