The World's first On-Demand order insurance that instantly turns your product loss expenses into new revenue.

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Hi, we're Route.

We turn your EXPENSE of replacing lost, damaged, and stolen shipments into new REVENUE by allowing you to offer order insurance to your customers.

The shipping insurance process is very outdated and incredibly hard to use, so we made it simple and put a lot of cool technology behind it. Now your customers can insure orders and file claims with one-click, your business replaces your product loss expenses with revenue, and maybe most importantly your website conversion rate increases.

Route is not only free for merchants, it generates new revenue instantly.

Powering online merchants into the next phase of e-commerce


Offering varied pricing options, merchants have the power to add a margin on top of our service, creating an entirely new revenue source for your business.


Route turns your product loss expenses from lost, damaged, and stolen orders into a new revenue source by offering your customers order insurance and allowing you to markup our service.


Route increases customer confidence at a pivotal point in the purchase process, resulting in an average 1-2% conversion rate increase.

Order protection for online merchants

Online merchants lose billions of dollars every year on replacing lost, damaged, and stolen items. Over 23,000,000 packages a year alone are stolen off of customer porches. Major shipping carriers are not liable for replacing delivered items, so the cost comes back to you, the merchant.

We’ve created a shipping insurance platform with a technology first approach, enabling a one-click shopping cart add-on for customers to secure their orders. And unlike major shipping carriers, we cover you and your customers from any lost, damaged, and stolen items.

Built for developers.

Route was built with developers in mind, requiring as few lines of code as possible. Our goal was to leave the complexity of the platform on our side, and make it fast and easy for merchants to launch.  Adding Route requires zero downtime of your site and can be tested in our sandbox environment before going live.


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Real-time tracking reports

We take package delivery seriously. So much so, we integrated with over 360 domestic and international shipping carriers allowing merchants to view point-by-point order tracking, alerts, and reports as well as offering push notifications to your customers.

  • Notifications - Give customers automatic updates of delivery status.
  • Automated tracking - View the latest delivery statuses of all your shipments in one place.
  • Analytics - Find out delivery exceptions and take actions before it is too late.
  • Calculate delivery time - Audit the actual delivery time of your shipments across multiple couriers.

Forget everything you know about shipping insurance.

Route is built how insurance should be delivered.

For Consumers

  • One-click to insure orders
  • One-click to process claims
  • Most claims resolved in 48 hours
  • Real time step-by-step tracking notifications

For Merchants

  • Increased website conversion
  • Decreased product loss expense
  • Increased new revenue
  • Happy, protected customers

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