How Route Works

One-click to insure order. Seamless shopping experience.

Go Shopping

Shop on your favorite Route enabled online stores.

Select Route

Select the Route option on the store's checkout page.

Email Confirmation

You receive a confirmation email with your Route order information.

Submit Claim

If you need to submit a claim, simply click the link in your email. Details will be submitted to Route and your claim is under way!

Real-Time Tracking Notifications

Real-time tracking notifications for all online orders

Real-time tracking

  • Notifications - Get automatic updates of delivery status.
  • Track shipments - View the latest delivery statuses of all your shipments in one place.
  • Calculate delivery time - Forecast the actual delivery time of your shipments across multiple online stores.

Hassle-free claims

  • View live order detail to determine status
  • Easy access to claim submission
  • File hassle-free order claims within seconds

Submit a claim

Needto submit a claim? Filling is as easy as a few clicks.

Submit Claim

Suggest company

Would you like to suggest an online store not currently using Route?

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